What we are reading on 6/27/2017

Here’s what we are reading today. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed therein and we disavow any actual or implied investment advice therein. In no particular order:
More on the indexation end game …
How to lose a half a million dollars
Vanguard Preps To Offer Actively Managed ETFs
Are there any Einsteins in the investment business?
Japan’s bubble
Lessons From The Last Bear Market
2017 v. 2000
College kids are investing in Ethereum
Conspicuous Consumption Is Over …
All Mental Models Are Wrong
The number of stocks keeps falling …
Are US stocks overpriced?
How to train smarter
An interesting app: Trim
Risk management with moving averages
Intensive Stock Research Can Be Injurious to Your Financial Health
The Third Mandate Is Official
Hussman’s latest
The Volatility-of-Volatility Term Structure
Improving U.S. Stock Return Forecasts: A ‘Fair-Value’ CAPE Approach
Unusual Early Retirement Withdrawal Strategy
The Problems with Indexing
Why Can’t ‘Winning’ Active Managers Keep on Winning?