What we are reading on 6/23/2017

Here’s what we are reading today. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed therein and we disavow any actual or implied investment advice therein. In no particular order:
Thoughts on Why the Stock Market Keeps Going Up, Up, Up
When “Helicopter Parents” Hover, Even in Workplace
CAPE Fatigue
Hyperbole or Reality? Investor Response to Extreme Language in Earnings Conference Calls
Hidden In Plain Sight A Powerful Way To Beat The Market
Option writing as a strategy
Blockchain 101
Ethereum, the digital currency
Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming
Walker’s Manual of Unlisted Stocks
“You want winners?” – A story of crazy speculation
Pension Funds Have $4T Hole, Even A 5% Market Decline Could Be Catastrophic
Data Says Fed Is Making A Mistake
ETF Watch: Horizons Plans Covered Call Fund
Feds Labor Market Forecasts Don’t Make Sense
How to implement the Magic Formula investment strategy
Reasons It is So Hard To Think Like A Scientist
Where in the World Can Value be Had in the Equity Markets?
The Emotion That Does Motivate Behaviour After All
Taking Notes Has This Ironic Effect On Your Memory
What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality