What we are reading on 4/4/2017

Here’s what we are reading today. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed therein and we disavow any actual or implied investment advice therein. In no particular order:
Cargo Cults
Is smart beta self-defeating?
The 100-year treasury bond!
Is retained earnings a better measure of value?
Robots have negatively impacted aggregate wages and employment
Everyone should have access to meaningful work.
The far-reaching implications of changing automotive technology
What is a VPN and how to set one up
Surgery with only local anesthesia
Noise map
Practical ways to increase your gratitude (and health)
Once again HIIT wins
The mental benefits of exercise
The dangers of online dating
A laundry list of happiness hacks
What’s going on with the Ogallala aquifer?
The growing popularity of put-writing
Equity research has poor prospects
Value investing is a psychological balancing act
Investment cycles
Hussman’s latest
Less work = more results?
Algorithms can be pretty effective