What we are reading on 3/17/2017

Here’s what we are reading today. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed therein and we disavow any actual or implied investment advice therein. In no particular order:
An asymmetrical approach to trend following
Do risk parity and trend following mix well?
A deep dive into smart beta structuring questions
A case for saying ‘yes’ and taking risks
Maybe exhausted physicians aren’t a good idea …
Are we reaching a turning point in credit markets?
At what point does more information become less helpful?
The one-day volatility fund
Is the investment consulting business feeling the pressure?
‘How to succeed’ lists may be kind of useless
A pension fund attempts to squeeze the hedge funds.
Minimum volatility portfolios and interest rate sensitivity
Thoughts on how to achieve diversification
The miracle of compounding
Make the most of failure