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Post-exercise increases in circulating hormones are not related to hypertrophy following training. Exercise-induced changes in IL-6 correlated with hypertrophy, but the mechanism for the role of IL-6 in hypertrophy is not known. Acute increases, in p70S6K phosphorylation and changes in muscle AR protein content correlated with muscle hypertrophy implicating intramuscular rather than systemic processes in mediating hypertrophy. testosterone.

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Chinchilla spp. is a South American hystricomorph rodent genus currently considered almost extinct in the wild. The high quality of chinchilla fur motivated the harvesting of chinchillas for the fur market. Reproductive biology advances come from studies on commercially exploited animals, especially Chinchilla lanigera. We studied seasonal variation of urinary androgen metabolites, sperm concentration and sperm functional activity in males of domestic Chinchilla lanigera under natural photoperiod. In Córdoba city (31° S-64° W; Argentina), within the same latitudes as those of the historic Andean distribution (tropical deserts; 15°-34° S), domestic males (n=7) were studied in May (autumn), August (winter), November (spring), and February (summer). Urine was seasonally collected (over 24h; once for season, 4 in total) to measure urinary androgen metabolites (RIA), before semen collection by electroejaculation. The results indicated that although testicular volume (relative to body weight) and values of sperm functional activity did not show seasonal changes, a seasonal variation in androgen excretion was detected, with the highest values occurring during “short” light/dark cycles (autumn-winter). In addition, viable spermatozoa with intact acrosome mean values during winter-spring were higher than in autumn or summer. This study provides information that might contribute to the assessment of testicular activity in male chinchilla subjected to genetic selection in the fur industry. In addition, since domestic chinchilla still share some genomic characteristics with their counterparts in the wild, results presented may alsocontribute to ex situ breeding program of endangered chinchilla. In conclusion, natural photoperiod cycle affects testicular activity in domestic chinchilla. testosterone.

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A 34-year-old female was referred for Cushing’s syndrome (CS) occurring in the postpartum period. Clinical examination showed severe CS with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and a large mass in the right lower abdomen. Biochemistry demonstrated corticotropin (ACTH)-independent CS (cortisol=1900ng/mL (n=50-250), ACTH<10pg/mL (n=20-46)) with estradiol and testosterone overproduction. testosterone.

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We studied 266 women diagnosed with PCOS. Hyperandrogenemia was defined by testosterone (T) and/or free testosterone (FT) and/or ∆4 androstenedione (Δ4-A) higher than 75% of the upper limits of each hormone. Patients were stratified in two groups according to a BMI threshold of 25 kg/m2. testosterone.

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Greater peak testosterone levels (β = -0.87, P < 0.01) and slower recovery (β = -0.56, P < 0.01) and reactivity (β = -1.22, P < 0.01) following a social stressor were significantly associated with shorter buccal TL after controlling for parental age at conception, child age, sex, sociodemographic factors and puberty. No association was initially present between diurnal measurements of testosterone or morning basal testosterone levels and buccal TL. Sex significantly moderated the relation between testosterone reactivity and buccal TL. testosterone.

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ADR = foreign stock subject to foreign tax!

ADR stands for “American Depositary Receipt.”  With an ADR, an American can gain exposure to a foreign stock without having to worry about converting currencies or opening foreign stock brokerage accounts.  Trading costs may be lower, as well.  The “American Depositary Share” (ADS) is a similar structure.

For tax purposes, however, the foreign government may take the position that the owner of the ADS is actually an owner of the underlying shares.  This means the investor becomes subject to all the tax laws and filing requirements of the foreign country.

For example, the prospectus for Nabriva Therapeutics AG (an Austrian company) states,

For Austrian tax purposes, a holder of ADSs who is entitled to claim the full number of shares represented by the ADSs held at any time and who may freely dispose of and exercise the shareholder rights, in particular voting rights, inherent to our common shares (or instruct the depositary acting as an agent for the holder in light of the ADSs to do so) is in general considered to be the economic owner of common shares represented by such ADSs. As a result, dividend income resulting from our common shares should be attributable to the holder of the ADSs for Austrian tax purposes. As a consequence, any distribution received by an Austrian resident or nonresident ADS holder with respect to our common shares will therefore be taxable in Austria as a dividend under the principles set out for common shares below. Capital gains realized upon the disposal of the ADSs will equally be subject to tax in Austria as outlined below with respect to capital gains realized through the sale of common shares.

Then the prospectus lays out in great detail what one might expect from the Austrian tax authorities.

Many ADRs trade in the United States, but do not have to make such disclosures.  If you were to invest in such securities, how would you find out if you have to:

(a) pay taxes to a foreign government, and

(b) file income tax returns with that foreign government?

My book, Investing in Foreign Stocks is one way to find out!

None of this legal advice.  See the Terms of Service.

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