Federal Reserve balance sheet reduction monitor, 1/5/2018

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet reduction plan calls for selling a total of $10 billion per month of treasury, agency and mortgage-backed securities starting in 2017Q4. One can keep track of their progress by monitoring the H41 filings.

With the 2017Q4 results in, they apparently have not met their self-determined goal despite aggressively selling assets in the last two weeks:

Date Treasury Agency+MBS Total
9/27/17 2465427 1774917 4240344
1/3/18 2448208 1769320 4217528
Change -17219 -5597 -22816
12/31/17 Goal -18000 -12000 -30000
% Achieved 96% 47% 76%

According to the Federal Reserve’s plan, the rate of selling in 2018Q1 is supposed to double the rate of 2017Q4.  We will of course monitor their progress.

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