What we are reading on 12/5/2017

Here’s what we are reading today. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed therein and we disavow any actual or implied investment advice therein. In no particular order: 
Notes from an Unwelcome Future
What To Worry About In This Surreal Bull Market
Lessons From The Time I Gave Investment Advice
This Firm Is Warning Investors To Be Wary Of Smart Beta Bond Funds
I Can Live Without Cable But Not As Well As My Kids
Success And Failure
We Are In The Most Dangerous Period In The Business Cycle
The 5k Not The Marathon Is The Ideal Race
Latte Index Currencies
Another Doomsday Moment For High Yield Strategies
This Is How To Use Mindfulness To Make Better Decisions
The ‘No-America’ Portfolio: Two Big Investors Make a Case
Few Friends for New Trends
Bank of Japan Tapers (Quietly), QE Party Over
The Fed Might “Surprise” Markets with its Hawkishness in 2018
US Demand for Electricity Falls Further: What Does it Mean?
Navigating the speculative Id of Wall Street
Is Sugar Slowly Killing Us? My conversation with Gary Taubes
How to talk to anyone